Week 7

Kansas hospitality and the Missouri roller coaster ride Miles-3,010 Days-51 # of states-8 A bit of myweek  October 4 I’ve noticed with myself that it’s not when the conditions are the worst that I want to stop. When I’m miserable I will not give up because I have to conquer the challenge. But when I … More Week 7

Week 5.5

Colorado and Kansas- the Rockies and high plaines Miles~2,420 Sept 23 It’s raining and it feels distinctly like fall. The air crisp, the leaves exquisite shades of gold. This could easily be a rainy fall day at home as I look down a woods road. When the weather turns- Best thing todo when it starts … More Week 5.5

Week 4 

There’s a saying in Wyoming – “the wind only stops when it’s changing directions”- what I want to know is how do the cowboys keep their hats on? It’s been a month on the road! Numbers~ Number of miles~ 1,715 Lowest temp~ 25 Highest wind gust- 40 mph+ A few of the characters I’ve met … More Week 4 

Week 3

Idaho and Montana Numbers~ Days- 20 Miles- 1,130 (a little over a quarter of the way) Highest elevation- 7,240 Idaho and Montana have been full of smiles, waves, and thumbs up Glimpses of my week~ Journal- September 5th- Pen in hand, mind wandering-inspired to write. The world in a sepia glaze, the air contains a … More Week 3

Week 2

Week 2 Central and Eastern Oregon The place of big trucks, vast expanses of land, and cowboy hats! Places I’ve stayed June’s house-Coburg OR, Stealth camping by the McKenzie river-Vita OR,Sisters OR, Ochoco lake state park, Hostel like church- Dayville OR, Bates state park, Baker city, Halfway OR.   Stats so Far  Total miles 590 … More Week 2

Week 1

So it’s been a week since I left the familiarity of my Maine cocoon! Shout out to Meghan and James for welcoming me to the Pacific NW! I just finished my 4th day of cycling. Here are a few excerpts from my journal (sorry it’s a bit wordy!)- Aug 20th So here I am on … More Week 1